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Creative Income Design's 90 Day Quick Start Program

Who doesn’t want to enjoy their work? Or at least end the workday with energy left over for family, friends and hobbies?

Creative Income Design's 90 Day Quick Start Program

The underlining theme in all of my programs continues into this one:

Why do unsatisfying work day after day, that leaves you too exhausted to enjoy the things in life that give you pleasure?

In this program, we will draft out your desired lifestyle from the time to want to get up to when you want to go to bed. Then we’ll go through a system of exercises to figure out ways you can make an income that allows you to enjoy as much of that ideal lifestyle, as often as possible.

  • Want to be able to pick your kids up and drop them off as school everyday? Lets figure out how
  • Want to take a month off in the winter and escape to Mexico ever year? Ok. Put it on the list
  • Are you a night owl? An early riser? Lets discuss options that allow you to work when you’re at your best
This program includes a:
  • 90 minute Start Up Plan Call. Here’s where we’ll get clear on where you’re at, what your skills/interests are, what your annual income target is and figure out the best income streams to get you there
  • Three 30 minute monthly phone calls. I will hold you accountable to taking action and be here to work you through any areas you get struggle in
  • Worksheets. You will be sent several assignments throughout this process to aide with maximum clarity for idea generation
  • Unlimited email access to me throughout the 90 days.

During our calls we may touch on all or some of the following (depending on where you’re starting at).

  • Get clear on what your desired lifestyle looks like
  • Determine who your target client is and what language to use to talk to them
  • What your target annual income is and systems necessary to generate it
  • What a profit center (income stream) is
  • Strategize your actions & come up with a plan
  • Clarify your vision and direction for what you want to achieve
  • Discuss ways to optimize your environment, eliminate any distractions and create systems to keep you on task to get to your target

Our goal with the 90 Day Quick Start, is to get you from the ‘Idea Phase’ to the Take Action On Your Business Venture Phase’.

This program has a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the program within 10 days of us working together, I will refund your money in full & wish you the best.

For more details and to sign up, please email:

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