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Be a Stay at Home Mom & have an Income too!

Creative Income Design Do you want more money, more time, and more control over your day?

Creative Income Design Do you love your kids, but struggle to find a healthy work and life balance?

Creative Income Design Do you find that there’s no time at the end of the day for you?

You’re in the right place. It is possible to have an enjoyable work and life balance.

Imagine: You drop your kids off at school, and spend the day working on a fun moneymaking gig. You prep dinner, pick up your children from school, and still have time to work on your hobby in the evening.

I realize that life gets in the way and sucks us into a repetitious cycle. It’s time for you to start calling the shots in your own life. You decide what’s important. You decide what your schedule looks like. And you decide what activities fill your day.

I used to feel overwhelmed and stuck, just like you. Someone else controlled my paycheque and my schedule and, as a result, my happiness suffered! I am here to share what I learned to break out of the Rat Race mentality & create my own path. I will take you through the steps to help you get clear on what you want your lifestyle to look like. Using your hobbies, interests and skills as a filter, we will brainstorm ways you can make money, so that you can customize YOUR ideal work and life balance.

If you feel like you don’t even have time in your day to stop and pee; try this exercise.

Make a list of everything that you "do" and eliminate all of the stuff that doesn’t matter. Decide which of the categories each of your tasks falls into.

  • Do it. This is an activity that has to happen!
  • Delay it. This is an activity that is not a priority right now and can be taken off your plate until a later date
  • Dump it. These are the tasks that are sucking precious minutes of your life away. Learn to say NO to things that aren’t important to you or do not serve you at this time
  • Delegate it. This is an activity that can be passed off to a spouse, child, service provider or other person

Now that you have a bit of extra time on your hands, let’s get to know each other. I’d love to support you and get you on your ideal lifestyle path.

Thank you for being here!

"THIS feels ‘right’ - THIS feels like I'm being of service, which is all I really want to do in the first place."

~Lila Reynolds
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