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Idea Generator Session

Don’t have a clue where to start? Know you want to be your own boss, but can’t figure out how to make money doing things your enjoy?

Let me help you explore your options! We’ll figure out what your interest & skills are then map out what your desired life looks. Merging those two attributes together, we’ll brainstorm ideas to come up with at least one money making idea that you’ll be excited to put into action.

Maybe you already have a business idea, but are not sure if it’s enough to bring in the income you desire. That’s OK! You’re in the right place. We can dig deeper into additional products or services that you could add. Or even brainstorm a secondary micro business. Our goal is to come up with an idea that you like, that ultimately allows you to live your ideal lifestyle.

Here’s what you’ll get

You will get immediate access to an eBook called “It’s Never Too Late To Find Your Calling” by Dr. Valerie Young. It’s an easy enjoyable read, filled with assignments to get you seeing the potential to make income based on YOUR interest and skills.

I will send you 3 assignments to be completed before our sessions together. I anticipate the assignments to take you up 2 hours, depending on how deep you want to go. This will get both you and me prepped for our time together. This will allow us to jump right into the first session and you’ll get the most impact.

Two Business Idea Generator Sessions

We’ll set up 2 phone or Skype sessions at a time that is convenient for you. I will review your assignments in advance & start brainstorming ideas before our 1st session together. During our calls, we will narrow the list down to at least one (possibly more!) income idea that is a good fit for you. You will end these sessions with clarity and action steps to put toward your new business idea.

Follow Up

After our 2 sessions, I will send you a summary of the things we went over, with a list of resources that I think you’ll find helpful. I will check in with you via email a month after our final session to answer any questions or concerns that have popped up.

Ready to get started? Simply send me an email with your name and phone number, and I will contact you to address any initial questions you have and to complete your registration.

Once your payment has been received, I will send you a link to receive your copy of “It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Calling by Dr. Valerie Young”. You’ll be able to dive in immediately, and get excited about creating your desired lifestyle with the income streams to support it.

For more details and to sign up, please email:

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