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I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In elementary school, I joint ventured with a friend to sell crafts in the schoolyard. We had weekly meetings, kept an inventory and created our crafts after school. Not bad for a couple of 9 year olds with no business knowledge.

Ironically, I spent 16 years in the workforce working for other people. It didn’t feel right, but to follow my heart went against what I had been taught growing up; "to get a stable job with a pension". Then I got my wake up call.

I could feel my face flush as my boss explained that business had slowed down and he needed to let a few staff go. I was rattled. I still had a job, but was moved to a new position to replace a colleague that had been let go.

My so called secure pensioned job was not safe. Someone else was in control of my salary, my schedule and whether or not I had a job tomorrow.

I vowed to take inventory of my life and to make choices to start living my life on my terms.

Jennifer Schultz - Owner of Creative Income Design
Jen Schulz
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I love both Tim Ferris’ and Dr. Valerie Young, who share a similar philosophy in that an income can be created around the lifestyle that you desire. This spoke to my core belief system & I naturally became a licensed Profiting From Your Passions Career Coach.

On my path, I’ve learned that I do not fit into a box on a career checklist. Most likely, since you’re here, neither do you. I want to inspire you to get onto your own path. Find out what lights you up, makes you tick, and figure out how you can make an income that allows you to align with your ideal lifestyle.

"Wow! Huge thanks. You have me wanting to work. :) Thank You. "

~Dela Bahamas

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