Now You Can Stay Home With Your Children and Make a Great Living Too

10 Best Money Making Ideas for Moms

You want to be the one to see your baby’s first step, and hear her first word. You want to be the one clapping your hands, and telling her “You can do it!” You want it to be your arms she falls asleep in at nap-time, and cuddles in during the early morning stillness.

The last thing you want to do is stick a bottle in her mouth, throw her clothes on, bundle her into a car seat, then dash off to daycare for someone else to experience all these wonders…while you work 8-to-late.

There is a better way…

  • Are you tired of watching someone else raise your children?
  • Sick of running 90-to-nothing to keep up with the job, the daycare, the house, the laundry, the bills, and the errands?
  • Have you had it with cramming 9 hours of parenting into two, and feeling guilty when it doesn’t work?
  • Concerned about some of the values being instilled in children at daycare?
  • Seen the statistics proving that children with a stay-at-home parent develop faster?”
  • Worried that, like so many daycare children, yours will grow closer to the babysitter than to you?

You’re not alone. In fact, statistics show a surge in working mothers returning home to take care of their children—up 15% in the last 10 years. Many of these moms worry about the family finances without a second income, but they’re willing to make the sacrifice.

But what if you didn’t have to sacrifice?

What if you could be at home with your children, and make an excellent income too…so you don’t feel like you’re giving up anything? You can still enjoy the stimulation of work, and have money for luxuries…and be there to read stories or go to the park or have play dates or just be together.

How You Can Make a Better Living As a Stay at Home Mom

This is what I can help you discover. My name is Jen Schulz, and I’d like to help you discover what you love to do… and how to make a great living from it…right from your home with your children playing at your feet.

You can stay home with your children, and you can have an excellent income—without the j-o-b, the crazy commute or the long hours. You can find ways to do what you love, and get paid for it. And you most certainly can create a meaningful, productive life for yourself and your family.

Just think of what your life would be like when you get to…

  • See all those precious “firsts” your children will experience!
  • Slow down, and spend both the quality and quantity time your children need.
  • Instill the values you believe in.
  • Know that your children are getting the best care for them.
  • Feel closer to your children than you ever have before.
  • Have personal direction, focus, and fulfillment because you’re doing the things that make your heart sing.
  • Never have to worry that you won’t get a good job when the kids are older—because you’ve made your own!

Wouldn’t you rather slip into your favorite pair of jeans, grab a steaming cup of coffee and pad across the house to your “office” while the children sleep…instead of pulling them out of bed, throwing on their clothes, slapping a cereal bar in their hands, then rushing out the door to a day of office politics?

My goal for you is simple: To provide you the ideas, tools, resources, direction and support you need to follow your dreams of a more fulfilling life working at what you love, and enriching your family at the same time.

I help people, from all walks of life (especially moms) find their true calling in life—and live it. We work together to discover the things that “make them tick” and let them use their God-given talents to create rewarding lives for themselves and their families.

For instance…

If you, too, share a deep desire to live your life with meaning, to work at what you love, and to be home with your children, I believe this site can help you make that exciting and spiritually enriching journey to a life you truly love.

Uncover a New World of Possibilities…

If the idea of building a business around what you love to do—while being able to stay at home with your children—appeals to you then I urge you to visit with me over the phone for a few minutes. No charge, no obligation.

Find out how you can increase your family income in a “career” of your own making…so you NEVER have to feel that staying home with your children was a sacrifice.

Now, I can imagine your thinking, “Is this for real? Or another one of those stay-at-home scams?”

I totally understand how you feel and it’s OK. I would want to be very careful about any investment I made in my future too. It’s the wise thing to do.

And the answer is, “Yes, I’m for real.” I’ve just shared a little of my success helping people create their own careers outside the job-box, but if you’d like the whole story you’re welcome to visit my bio page.

Solid Information Guaranteed to Put You on the Path To Your Own Tailor-Made Career

Guaranteed Results

I GUARANTEE you’ll be absolutely thrilled (not just satisfied) with the expert ideas I share with you during our free introductory session. If for any reason you aren’t thrilled by the things you discover from our first call…if you don’t have several exciting actionable ideas you could pursue right away with a little leading and guiding…you can end our consulting relationship right then and there and we’ll part friends. Simple as that.

You see, I’m not here to sell you some pre-fabbed, slapped-together, home-business in a box. I won’t try to sell you any business at all. Instead I will ply you with ideas, tools, resources, direction and support to help you discover and create your own living from the things you already love to do. Because if you don’t LOVE what you’re doing having a business really isn’t worth the effort, is it?

So message me now at and let’s set up a time to visit that’s convenient for you. Like I said, the call is free and you’re under no obligation to continue consulting with me afterward.

But honestly, I think you’re going to be so surprised and pleased with the things you discover in our conversation, you’ll be chomping at the bit to get underway on your own out-of-the-job-box career.

So message now, let’s chat a bit and see what we discover together. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain by having the freedom to be at home with your family and have a lifestyle you’ll love.

Find out if an “Out of the Job Box” career is right for you.